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SPECTRA & PEARSON LCCI proudly present Certificate for Teachers of Business English. For further information and course registration, call us at (84-8) 2213 1975 / (84-8) 6290 7017 or contact xuan@spectrasingapore.com or tuan@spectrasingapore.com.


Leaflet for FTBE 2013_VN


2013 Course Brochure – FTBE


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Arrive Technologies_BE_2012


Abilities to communicate effectively in English is a valuable competitive advantage for anyone who wants to be successful in today’s business. As a company that deals with many clients around the world, Arrived Technologies understand the importance of providing its people with Business English skills. Therefore, from 17 September – 12 November 2012, Arrived Technologies collaborated with SPECTRA to deliver Business English Course (Intermediate level)


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The ability to speak and understand English has become mandatory in today’s business world. In order to improve the English language skill of VSIP staff and also those of its tenants, VSIP has trusted SPECTRA (more…)

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Excellent quality of human resource is a key component behind the success of VSIP, a leading industrial park in Vietnam. In order to maintain its position as a market leader, VSIP has appointed SPECTRA as their training partner for several occasions.  In December 2008, SPECTRA conducted Strategic Thinking Workshop for VSIP managers. SPECTRA has also organized a teambuilding event for all of VSIP staff (nearly 200 staff) in Long Hai in 2007. SPECTRA has also conducted training programs in Leadership, Technical English and Business English for VSIP.


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