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Congratulations to all of the participants from CapitaLand who have completed Delegation Skills Course from SPECTRA on 15 & 16 May 2013!

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Business contacts are valuable assets for business professionals and companies that they work for.  Therefore, it is important that companies provide their staffs not only with necessary business etiquette that projects company’s positive image, but also networking skills that will enable them to acquire the right business partners for the companies.

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To succeed in doing business in another country, foreign managers must not only understand the culture of the host country, but also appreciate it.  By understanding the host culture, foreign managers will be able to effectively deal with intercultural barriers, understand the cultural mindframe of Vietnamese customers, suppliers and neighbours, and get cooperation from Vietnamese staff, colleagues and business partner. (more…)

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With the growing usage of Information Technology, business professionals are required to be able to communicate well in writing by using email and fax.  Therefore, the ability to write clearly becomes an essential skill for all business professionals. Furthermore, with increase use of English in business, business professionals need to be able to correspond in English.


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