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On 4 May 2013, FTG cooperated with SPECTRA to conduct Time Management Training. SPECTRA is proud to be chosen by FTG as its training partner.

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Following the success of negotiation skills and problem solving skills workshops that SPECTRA conducted for FPT Information System, FPT Trading has also decided to work with SPECTRA in developing its human capital.


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Problem solving and decision making are necessary skills for business professionals, particularly for managers and leaders. Problem solving and decision making are closely linked and both require understanding and analyzing  problems, generating options, evaluating options, and making the right decision. Only by acquiring these skills, business professionals can effectively performs management functions: planning, organizing, leading and controlling. (more…)

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Effective business professionals know how to negotiate successfully with both internal and external parties in order to create win-win results and enhance long – term business relationship. To enhance the negotiation skills of its people, FPT Information System collaborated with SPECTRA to conduct Effective Negotiation training program. (more…)

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