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In anticipation of rapid market expansion and to maintain its position as a market leader, Hoya continues to upgrade the leadership and management skills of its employees.



Following the successful completion of Supervisory Skills workshops that SPECTRA conducted for Hoya in September this year, Hoya once again collaborated with SPECTRA to organize Effective Leadership and Management Skills for its managers.  This workshop was conducted on 21 & 22 December 2011 (more…)


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Hoya Lens Vietnam is a market leader in Eyeglass Lens manufacturing and a part of Hoya Lens Corporation which is headquartered in Japan. As stated in its corporate website, HOYA is committed to maximize its corporate value for the benefit of all stakeholders in the company in accordance with its corporate mission: “Dedicated to innovation in information technology, lifestyles and culture, HOYA envisions a world where all can enjoy the good life, living in harmony with nature.” Furthermore, the company has set-up management policy that specifies its committment to developing its employees.

To support its corporate mission and management policy, Hoya Lens Vietnam engaged SPECTRA to conduct Effective Supervisory Skills Training on 28 and 29 September 2011. This workshop was conducted in Hoya Lens Vietnam in VSIP II in Binh Duong Province. During this workshop, supervisors from various departments learned various skills, such as:

  • Roles of a supervisor
  • Leadership styles & Situational leadership
  • Choosing the right leadership skills
  • Building and managing team
  • What makes a successful team
  • Supervisors’ roles in developing performing team
  • Effective communication skills for Supervisors
  • How to give clear instructions, feedback and encourage two way communication
  • Motivating skills
  • Coaching & Mentoring

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In today’s modern business world, secretaries play a more and more important role in organizations. They are no longer just administrative staff and receptionists. Instead, they are also expected to manage and supervise various key projects and business activities, such as organizing press conferences, meetings, opening of a new office, welcoming VIP guests and so on. (more…)

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How well managers communicate largely determine their ability to serve customers, lead their staff and coordinate works with other departments. As a well-known multinational company and a market leader in lens manufacturing, Hoya Lens understands that having managers who are able to communicate effectively will help the company to operate more effectively and efficiently. Therefore, Hoya Lens decided to collaborate with SPECTRA to conduct Effective Communication Skills for Managers on 14 & 15 October 2010. (more…)

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In today’s more competitive business environment, customer retention has become a critical success factors for companies. In order to retain customers, companies must understand not only how to maintain, but also how to enhance customer relationship. By developing closer customer relationship, companies will then be able to grow by maximizing customer lifetime values while at the same time creating positive words of mouth. (more…)

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Receptionists interact with nearly everyone who walks into your company.  They are the face of companies, and therefore must be trained to provide excellent customer service, such as how to greet visitors, answer questions, provide information and communicate clearly and politely over the telephones.



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