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Total Quality Management (TQM) is a powerful philosophy that can help companies enhance their competitiveness by enhancing their abilities in producing consistently high quality products and services. In order to benefit from this philosophy, people from all levels of a firm must demonstrate total commitment in ensuring quality excellence and satisfying customers’ requirements.  By implementing TQM, organizations can enjoy various benefits, such as lower costs, higher customer retention levels, less time required to develop new innovations, and a reputation as a quality firm. (more…)


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A well known philosophy, 5 S has been used by many leading companies around the world to efficiently manage workplace and improve productivity by doing the followings:

  • SEIRI/SORT: Keeping & storing essential items
  • SEITON/SYSTEMIZE/SET IN ORDER: Arranging tools and equipment in an order that promotes work flow
  • SEISO/SWEEP:  Keeping the workplace clean as well as neat
  • SEIKETSU/STANDARDISE: Standardizing work practices
  • SHITSUKE/SELF-DISCIPLINE/Sustaining: Maintaining and reviewing standards (more…)

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In today’s modern business world, secretaries play a more and more important role in organizations. They are no longer just administrative staff and receptionists. Instead, they are also expected to manage and supervise various key projects and business activities, such as organizing press conferences, meetings, opening of a new office, welcoming VIP guests and so on. (more…)

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Receptionists interact with nearly everyone who walks into your company.  They are the face of companies, and therefore must be trained to provide excellent customer service, such as how to greet visitors, answer questions, provide information and communicate clearly and politely over the telephones.



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