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As a part of its human resource management strategy, Youngone decides to improve its performance management system in 2011.  In order to do this, Youngone has trusted SPECTRA to develop and conduct customized training on Performance Management for all of its managers. (more…)


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As a leading manufacturer of garment and footwear products from Korea with factories in Bangladesh, China, El Salvador, Vietnam and several other countries, Youngone is committed in developing its business in Vietnam.  Not only Youngone is committed in building a leading manufacturing facility by investing USD53.20 million in its production complex in Nam Dinh province, they are also fully dedicated in investing in the skills of the Vietnamese labors that work for their company.



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Performance Evaluation is an important component of Performance Management system. When implemented correctly, performance evaluation can:
  • Provide management with valuable feedback from employees
  • Motivate employees and direct their behaviors and actions toward accomplishment of organizational goals
  • Be used to determine the development of the right learning and development programs
  • Be used to implement performance based remunerations and rewards (more…)

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